Faxing Service

Our eFax Service is a powerful faxing platform that eliminates the need for a fax server or Ultracomm. The eFax service is an Email to Fax and Fax to Email solution, built specifically for the TAS industry allowing simple resend, redirect, and document download from a script or email box.

Key Features

Elminate Fax Servers and Ultracomms

Stop managing equipment and servers. With our eFax Service you simply email the report to us an we take care of the rest. It doesn't matter if it's a pdf attachment or in the body of the email. Our will take the information and fax it tot receipient. It's that simple!!

Resend, redirect, and download

When a fax is completed whether we'll send you an email with the result. Included are three links. Click the resend link and the fax will be resent to the same number. Click Redirect and you can send the fax to a different number or an email. Click Download and you can download the fax to view it. No logging into a portal or website to see the status of faxes we provide you the information right in the email.

Staff Faxing

No longer will you need a fax machine sitting in the office. Staff can send and receive faxes right from the desk. You can even setup a sepearte fax number for each employeee.

Amtelco Mergecomm Script

If you have the Amtelco Mergecomm feature we will give you a script to automate the resends and redirects, giving you team the power of faxing right in their telephone agent.

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