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Whether it's a contact center trying to communicate to oncall staff or a major hospital looking for HIPAA compliant messaging to patients and family members. TAS Technologies Group has the solution.


TAS Technologies Group has become an essential vendor for our call center. Jason Miller and Theran Mossholder are TAS owners with a vested interest in up time, customer satisfaction, HIPAA compliance and ease of use for both the call center and the end user.  They are not only leveraging their own direct technical knowledge in their product development, they are backed up by a team of experts offering 24/7 critical support and knowledge to expand services in the future.

TAS Technologies Group’s understanding of the call center industry, the Campaign Registry and commitment to providing quick, responsive technical support has allowed us to improve the dispatching and communication tools we offer our clients while freeing up more of our time to focus delivering excellent customer service.

We look forward to their future developments and would not hesitate to recommend them to other call centers.

Laurie Blow
Operations Manager
Advanced Answering Center, Inc.
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Featured Products

SMS Gateway

Our SMS Gateway is a powerful SMS platform with seemles integration into your software allowing you to send SMS Messages over the internet. Key Features include, redundant carriers with automatic failover and one click confirmtion.

eFax Service

Our eFax Service is a powerful Faxing platform that eliminates the need for a fax server or Ultracomm. The eFax service is an Email to Fax and Fax to Email solution, built specifically for the TAS industry allowing simple resend, redirect, and document download from a script or email box.

Secure Text App

Secure HIPAA compliant SMS text messaging made simple. No Apps to download or install. Nothing to keep updating and branded with your company's logo. Secure Text App is the simple solution to stay HIPAA compliant over SMS Texting.

IS Message Archiver

Built for the Amtelco Intelligent Series Platform, IS Message Archiver is a simple solution to archiving your messages into a seperate database. We provide you everthing you need including a simple crystal report to retrieve archived messages. Best of all, we offer this free to NAEO members

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