On Premise Faxing & Secure Email Service

Featuring our on Prem Fax 2.0 Platform with the new and improved Fax Dashboard.

Key Features

Instant notifications of Failures and Success

The Fax Dashboard is updated in real time letting you know the result of the fax. Information regarding the fax will be included so your team can take quick action.

Resend, Redirect, Reschedule & Document Download

Right from the fax dashboard you can click a button to allow agents to resend the fax, redirect the fax to another fax number or send via email. Agents can also download/view the document. Agents no longer need to login to a remote server to access the Ultracomm or Copia Fax Status. Agents login into the web based Fax Dashboard to review faxes and take the needed actions.

Unlimited Fax Trunks

No matter the number of pages, you can initiate a fax up to 1 fax per second. That's 60 faxes per minute or 3600 hundred per hour. There's no limit to how many faxes you can have going at the same time.

Simple, No Nonsense Pricing

No long term contracts, no automatic renewals. Just $50.00 Base Rate and $0.02 per minute. Add our eFax service to allow faxing from your desk via email for just $25.00

Billing Stats

You maintain all the billing stats right on your SQL server giving you the power to bill your customers with any billing software you have.

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